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Are we drawn towards this subject or whether it is just a coincidence. Many factors involved when we go in depth of this subject. As understood Planets in their sign & house placement contribute a lot to this. There are numerous combinations for that astrology to spark within us.

  • Planet Jupiter (a karaka for wisdom) in a good placement away from any malefic Influences either exalted or in own houses.

  • Planet Ketu a strong influence able to provide hidden mysteries, knowledge & intuition.

Not only these above planets other planets too have an equal and very important role to play.

Never force anybody or compel them debating astrology works. Its up to them to believe it or not to believe. As mentioned earlier any favorable combinations in their own chart will draw them towards that mystic science. Some people believe this subject and tell it openly while others not, it's up to them revealing it.

My own experience in these two decades it works beautifully even if you take PARASHARA ASTROLOGY, NADI ASTROLOGY, JAIMINI ASTROLOGY, KP ASTROLOGY, PRASHNA. All these branches compliment each other very well.

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